Making Resolutions a Reality

Y’all, we made it to 2021! While this may feel like a fresh start in many ways, there is a lot that remains the same. Our world is still struggling on many fronts and many people are still experiencing personal harships of all kinds. Personally, I choose to cling to the hope of a new year and focus on the things that I can change. One of the things I can have control over is my wellness! This brings me to my three tips for finding wellness success in the new year. You may recognize a lot of this from a post I did last year!

Hoping, Wishing, Praying

You wake up on January 1st and breathe in the fresh scent of a new start. Or maybe you just wake up realizing your house is a wreck from Christmas and you have no clean pots to make breakfast. No? Just me? We look to January 1st as this monumental, symbolic day that we hope will give us the motivational boost we need to finally reach our goals. The thing is, all this hoping and wishing will never gain traction without A PLAN. Before we dive into how to make a plan and what resources are available to you, check out my three top tips below.

Tip #1: Show Yourself Grace

If you’ve been in any of my Facebook groups, you’ve heard me say this over and over again! And honestly, this mentality has been crucial to my entire wellness journey. We are bound to go off track once in a while and if we are too harsh on ourselves, we will never recover from these misteps. Showing yourself grace is crucial to your success no matter what your plan it. When we don’t show ourselves grace, we fail to recognize all of the GOOD that we have accomplished. One mistake, one bad day, one sloppy month does NOT mean you have failed. You know your plan, you acknowledge where you went wrong, pick yourself up by the boot straps and keep trucking. Each day, each meal, each moment is an opportunity to show yourself grace and make good choices.

Tip #2: Water, Water, Water

One of the single most important things you can do for your body no matter what your goals are is to make sure you are HYDRATED! Even on our worst days nutritionally (think weddings, vacations, holidays), keeping up on your hydration will save you from a lot of issues. So how much water should you be drinking daily? Mr. Google will give you a ton of answers 🙂 Here’s my rule of thumb: half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 200lbs, you should aim for 100oz of water daily. That may seem high especially if you’re not a fan of drinking water, but I assure you this– your body will thank you in many ways! Check out my other blog post here with tips on how to meet your water goal!

Tip #3: Applaud Every Success

It is so, so very important that you acknowledge your progress. And I don’t just mean the number on the scale. Making a habit of acknowledging every good decsion you make regarding your wellness will internally motivate you. Progress breeds motivation, so when we take the time to give our progress recognition, it naturally propels us forward. Did you make good choices at breakfast? Yay, you! Did you just chug a big glass of water? Yay! Share those successes with your friends, post in our groups, or just give yourself a pat on the back! Feeling that success, no matter how small, will encourage you to make the same good decison again.

Turn Those Resolutions into Reality!

Maybe you already have a plan! Maybe you’ve been on this wellness journey a while and setting goals is old news for you. But if you need a restart or if you’re totally new to this, here’s how you can start. Set mini goals! Chances are you feel a tad bit overwhelmed when you look at “the big picture”. And while it is essential to recognize where we ultimately want to be, its equally essential to create baby steps to help us get there. Breaking your overall goal into months or even weeks can help the journey feel more manageable. Another good way to solidify your plan is to make a S.M.A.R.T. goal. If you aren’t familiar with what that is or how to do it, check out this explanation here! If you need help creating your plan or specifying your goals, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can always message me on Facebook or email me at I’m here to help!

I wish you all the success in the world and hope you have a wonderful, healthy 2021! Check out the helpful resources below!

Helpful Resources

  1. Join the Kinda Healthy Moms Facebook group! Post here whenever you need advice or want to brag on your success!
  2. Join our accountability group “Inspire. Encourage. Motivate” for some extra accountability.
  3. Some food tracking apps I have used and recommend: iTrackBites, Lose It!, My Fitness Pal. All three have free versions that you can be super successful on! I’m currently using the Lose It app for calorie counting and love it!
  4. Find some healthy recipe inspiration here!
  5. Eight ways to control your snacking (I’m a career snacker, so I totally get it)
  6. Easy meal plannning tips for newbies

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