How I Lost 7lbs in 7 days With No Exercise

That’s right, I lost 7lbs in 7 days just with proper nutrition!

I recently hosted an accountability group in my Facebook community to help myself and others really focus on our nutrition again. I always recommend teaming up with a few other like-minded Kinda Healthy Moms as you’re working towards a healthy goal. It makes all the difference! For other tips on tracking your food, check out my Top 10 Tips for Food Tracking Success.

iTrackBites Sugar Smart Program

The app I choose to track with, iTrackBites, has tons of programs to choose from! Even one for the KETO diet! You can read about them here. So why did I choose the Sugar Smart program? Well, honestly, when I filled out my profile and goals it suggested the program for me! Thank goodness it did because I love it! All of your fruits and veggies are zero points except for naturally fatty ones like avocado. This means that there is always something you can eat if you’re hungry. Since this program is based on Weight Watchers Smartpoints, there are countless recipes floating around online that you can use. We need our health plans to be EASY for us, right? So why not choose one that has done all of the leg work for you? (Because y’all know you’ll never find me doing a real leg day.)

How I Use My Points

Here’s an example of how I may use my points for the day. The amount of points you can use is based on the personal information that you enter into the app like gender, height, and weight. As you lose weight, your daily and weekly points will adjust automatically. I typically don’t track fruits and veggies since I know they are zero points on my program but you can track them if you want to keep a true food diary. And another note about points… USE THEM! Don’t think that you’re ahead of the game by “saving” your daily points. Using all of your daily points is best way possible to keep your metabolism pumping and that weight shedding.

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  1. Breakfast (9 points)
    1. Coffee with 3 tablespoons of hazelnut creamer (non negotiable): 3pts
    2. Oatmeal with blueberries and 2 teaspoons brown sugar: 6pts
  2. Lunch (10 points)
    1. 1 serving of Sun Chips: 4pts
    2. Avocado toast with balsamic drizzle: 6pts
  3. Dinner (9 points)
    1. Baked Turkey Tenderloin: 3pts
    2. Steamed veggies: 0pts
    3. Side of quinoa: 4pts
    4. Teriyaki sauce: 2pts
  4. Snacks throughout the day (13 points)
    1. 2 hard boiled eggs: 4pts
    2. 3 cups Skinny Pop white cheddar popcorn: 5pts
    3. Fresh fruit: 0pts
    4. Laughing Cow Cheese with Pretzels: 4pts

Whenever I want to get crackin’ on the trackin’, I follow these tips. By making the choice to get serious about what I’m eating and knowing that I can have the self-control to do it, I can see results quickly with tracking my food.

Battle the Hunger: Capitalize on Zero Point Foods

You will be hungry. If you are just starting out or jumping back on the diet bandwagon, you will probably be hungry your first few days as your body adjusts. (It WILL adjust!) Battle that hunger by capitalizing on zero point foods. The zero point foods available to you will vary based on the program you choose. There are countless resources online that give you lists of the zero point foods for each program. Just google “your program name + zero point foods”. Don’t feel bad stuffing your face with them if you need help getting through the day, they are “free” for a reason!

You’ll find creative ways to use free foods to make yummy treats for yourself. In my Sugar Smart program, sugar free jello and fat free Redi Whip are zero points. Put them together, voila! Yummy late night snackin’ success!

Hydration Helps!

Another way I battle that hunger is by staying hydrated. Drinking 8oz of water before every meal or snack will do wonders for curbing your appetite and keeping your system running smoothly. I am absolutely in love with my 40oz Pogo Water Bottle. Running after my three kiddos doesn’t give me much time to stop and refill my water bottle very often, so filling this big bad boy up 2-3 times a day works for me!

What is the average rate of weight loss?

Personally speaking, I can usually see the first 5-10 pounds come off in record speed and then it quiets down to a normal 1-2lbs a week. According to the CDC, this rate of 1-2lbs per week is the healthy average of weight loss when dieting. At this pace, you are more likely to say goodbye to that weight for good! Yay!

Now Is Your Time!

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to get serious (or kinda serious) about your nutrition, now is your time! Join the Kinda Healthy Moms Community for all of the encouragement you need to be successful and sign up for my emails below to stay in the loop!

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