Why & How You Should Wash Your Produce

Do you wash your produce or do you think that’s a sham? I used to just rinse my produce under cold running water and give it a good dry. It wasn’t until I had kids who started eating table food that I really thought about what was on my produce. I started out by buying whatever spray veggie wash was in the produce section of the grocery store. Then I realized I had no idea what half of the ingredients were and I questioned if it was helping or hurting. Have you been there?

My friend, Charity O’Reilly, is a wizard of all things natural so I knew she could help me out! She let me try out some of her Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak and while I was skeptical at first, I’m a believer! She graciously agreed to do a guest post on this topic. Check out what she has to say below!

The following was written by Charity O’Reilly.

The Problem

It’s not something I enjoy thinking about, especially in the summer when mouth-watering fruits and veggies abound, but the produce we get from the grocery store carries all kinds of hidden ick. Those soft strawberries and grapes absorb all kinds of pesticides (that’s why they are on the EWG’s Dirty Dozen list). Even thick skinned produce, like oranges and grapefruit, gets exposed to harmful toxins when the knife you use to cut into it drags microorganisms into the flesh inside the rind. And have you ever stopped to think how many pairs of hands touch your produce, testing for ripeness, before you decide to take a fruit or veggie home? Avocados are well known carriers of listeria (about 1 in every 5!) perhaps in part because of how frequently they are touched! Listeria is especially harmful to pregnant women and small children. 

A Solution

If all this bad news makes you overwhelmed, don’t despair! Young Living has an easy fix… Thieves fruit & veggie wash! Made with its famous Thieves essential oil blend, Thieves fruit & veggie wash allows you to briefly soak your produce, then rinse and eat- washing all the bacteria, pesticides, and other ick away. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of produce that stays fresher longer, thanks to the antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobal power of Thieves!

Thieves got its name from a band of grave robbers in 15th century France whom legend says stayed healthy even when they were robbing bodies killed by the Bubonic Plague. Legend says they were using a blend of herbs and spices to stay well… and they turned their secret blend over to the French government when they were eventually caught in exchange for shorter sentences! People have been staying well with Thieves ever since. Young Living also makes a convenient on-the-go fruit & veggie spray, plus several other Thieves essential oil infused supplements and products! 

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To order some Thieves Veggie Wash from Charity, check out her website here!

3 thoughts on “Why & How You Should Wash Your Produce”

  1. I usually soak my produce in water with some vinegar. Sometimes I might add a drop of lemon essential oil. Sometimes I go a little rogue and just rinse my produce even though I know I shouldn’t 🤭 It’s scary what all can be lurking on our produce, even organic produce. Although not the most practical, the best solution is to grow your own produce in organic soil.

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